Getting Started

“Social Locker” innovative Shopify app designed to help any Shopify stores raises the number of social network likes, shares thousands times quicker than just use the simple social network buttons.


Social Locker allows you to hide (or lock) a valuable content such as a discount code, a special offer, an important news, an interesting video, a link to download something, a part of an article, etc. Visitor on your website can only see the locked content until they like, share, G+1 or tweet your website, product pages, social network pages or any URL you want.


  • Creat a Social Locker. Select a valuable content (discount code, special offers, etc.) that you want to lock. When you finish setup Locker, it's will generate a Locker Code

  • Select a place to display the locker by Locker Code. You can also insert the locker into any place on your website such as product description, category description, CMS page, etc. using the locker’s code. It can be a common Shopify hook such as home page, footer, product detail page, etc.

  • That’s all! Website visitors are now asked to pay a like, share, tweet, etc. to see the desired content.


1. Drive social traffic to your website Imagine when a visitor like or share your content on a social network such as Facebook, Google+, Tweeter, etc. Your content will then appear on all their friends' news feed! And if some of the friends continue to share your content, it will appear on other people social accounts and so on!You can see how your content will be populated on social networks now, right?

2. Build up your quality followers Followers are actually your customers who are really interested in your products and services. By installing Social Locker on your website, you will convert any visitor into follower on targeted social networks that play a vital role in modern marketing strategies today. Your business can’t go well without taking advantages of social network tools and its users.

3. Collect visitor information Social Locker offers a feature that allows you to ask visitor of your website to log into your website using their social network account before they can see your valuable content. Once they do that, the system will create an account for them on your website with their personal information (email, name, etc.). By this way, you can collect the visitor’s personal information and also convert the visitor into a customer account.

4. Improve SEO performance The appearance of a website on the social network is one of the most important factors that Google, as well as other search engine, consider to rank a website on their search result page (SRP). Since your website is installed with Social Locker, the social network appearance of your website has been improved day by day and it will definitely be better than your competitive websites without the module. You will quickly usurp your competitor with the support of Social Locker to stand at the top of the search engines.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you on your way:

  1. Installing Social Locker App

  2. Edit Shopify Theme

  3. Setting to connect with your Social account

  4. Create Social Locker

  5. Active your Social Locker

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