Create Social Locker


Step 1: From your Shopify admin, go to Apps. Click Social Locker.

Step 2: Click Create a Locker

Step 3: The Locker setting dashboard will open. Each locker settings will included:





General settings for the locker.

  • Styles: setting the social button style

    • Opened Box

    • Secret Box

    • Flat box

  • Background effects: background effect Preview content box

  • Locker cache: Cache mode to save user react

    • Enable

    • Disable: User must react(like, tweet...) to the social button when they refresh browser

Locker Content

Configure the Locker content.

  • Locker header: Header text

  • Locker message: Locker text message

  • Social Buttons: Select Social button action to use:

    • Facebook Like: Like facebook url to show Hidden content

    • Facebook Share: Share facebook url to show Hidden content

    • Tweet Share: Tweet the url with message to show Hidden content

    • Vimeo Watch: View the Vimeo video to open Hidden content

    • Customer Login: Login to your Shopify store as customer to show hidden content.

    • Google Share: Share to Google Plus to show hidden content

  • You may Drag and drop the tabs to change the order of the buttons.

Preview Content

Configure the Preview content box.

It use to introduce and call to action.

  • Preview header: Header text

  • Preview description: Preview description bellow header.

  • Preview footer description: Preview text bellow the content image.

  • Preview content image: Content image for preview box.

  • Preview content image text: Content image alt.

Hidden Content

Configure the Hidden Content. The Hidden Content will show up when customer make action follow the Social Buttons (like, share...).

It includes few type.

  • HTML & text: Only text & HTML Code

  • Product: Select a product from Online Store to show. It's may a secret product that you only show for the customer. E.g. Free Product or Product with best price.

  • Discount code: Select available coupon to show at hidden content.

  • Download file: Upload a file that user can download. The file will upload to Shopify store file. Maximum size: 20 Mb

  • Media File: Upload the video / audio file to display with player.


Preview your Locker in Action.

It's will show look like the widget at the place you add locker code in Online Store. To know more how to show the widget in Online Store please following next Step.

Step 4: Click Create. Your Social Locker has been created.

Now you can copy the Locker Code (HTML CODE) add to theme code for display in Online Store

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