Adding Locker Code


Step 1: Copy Locker Code

Step 2: Paste the Locker Code to the place you would like to show the Social Locker.

Step 3: Check the display on Online Store.

Using the rich text editor

You can enter HTML content for your blog posts, pages, product descriptions, and collection descriptions with the rich text editor. The Social Locker will display on the corresponding page content.

Click the Show HTML button to view the HTML code for the content inside the rich text editor:

In the HTML view, you can make many changes to the content in the rich text editor.

Edit Shopify heme

  1. Navigate to Sales Channels and select Online Store.

  2. Click on Themes

  3. Locate the Actions dropdown on the page and select Edit Code

  4. Open the appropriate HTML file

  5. Paste the Plugin's code into your desired location

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click Preview to see your Plugin on your site.

You may contact us to support insert your code at:

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