Connect Your Social Keys

Social Locker need some credential Third party social app to verify user activity by connecting with their API :

It's supported to verify Facebook share; Google share; Twitter tweet activities


Step 1: From your Shopify admin, go to Apps. Click Social Locker.

Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Enter Social credential details & Share Key.

The app will save your Social credential as a Share Key to protect your Social credential detail. It use as a password to open Social Credential Details. Please input following data:



Facebook App ID

Use to verify Facebook share activity

How to get Facebook App ID

The app doesn't save this data when you click Save Share Key button

Facebook SDK version

You may select between Facebook SDK version to use.

It's suggestion to use version 3.0 or higher

The app doesn't save this data

Google Client Id

Use to verify Google share activity

How to get Google Client ID

The app doesn't save this data

Twitter Consumer Key & Twitter Consumer Secret

Use to verify Twitter tweet activity at Read Check Mode

How to get Twitter App Key

The app doesn't save this data

Save Share Key *

App just use the shared key to encrypt below data and give you an encrypted string. In the case you change your shared key please re-input all third-party informations below.

Step 4: Click Save Share Key

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